Wawa… Surrounded in Gold

Wawa, Ontario is home to many gold mines located in the “Wawa Green Belt”. There are 2 operating mines – Richmont Island Gold and Wesdome Eagle River Mine in the vicinity, as well as two Mines Agonaut Prodigy Gold Mine and the Wawa Gold Project that are in the advanced exploration stage.

Wesdome Eagle River Mine

The Eagle River property was purchased in 1994. In 1995, preproduction development commenced and the first gold bar was poured on October 17, 1995. Commercial production was declared January 1, 1996. The pre-production capital cost, net of gold produced during the preproduction period, amounted to $15.5 million.

The mine generated strong cash flow from the outset allowing us to purchase the mill (initially this was leased) in 1996, the Edwards property which produced from 1997-2002 and the Mishi property (currently producing).

Capital projects in the early days included mill expansion and shaft sinking. The Eagle River mine is now in its 17th year of commercial production and in June 2012 poured its 900,000th ounce of gold.

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Richmont Island Gold Mine

In 1985, drilling approximately two kilometers south of the Kremzar Mine intersected a series of sub-parallel lenses containing gold mineralization within deformed rocks of the Goudreau Lake Deformation Zone (gldz). These lenses are known as Lochlask, Island Gold, Shore and Goudreau Lake Zones. Over 1989 and 1990, underground infrastructures were built into the Island deposit beneath Goudreau Lake from an audit on the north shore. A bulk sample weighing 4,167 tonnes was extracted and processed at the onsite Kremzar Mill. Encouraging results were obtained from the exploration work conducted from 1996 to 2002 and, in 2004, an exploration program was initiated in order to complete a resource estimate. On January 1, 2005, Richmont Mines became operator of the project. The project began commercial production on October 1, 2007. Richmont acquired Patricia Mining’s 45% interest in December 2008, becoming 100% owner of the property and operations.

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Argonaut Gold
Magino Gold Project

Project Location and Summary:
The Magino mine property is a past producing underground gold mine located 40 kilometres northeast of Wawa, Ontario, approximately 14 kilometres southeast of the town of Dubreuilville. The property consists of seven patented mining claims, four leased mining claims and 69 unpatented mining claims totaling 2,204.495 hectares. Magino is being evaluated by Prodigy Gold Inc. as an open-pit mining opportunity with the potential for deeper, higher grade gold production.

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The Wawa Gold Project

Exploration History:
The Wawa Gold Project property has hosted numerous gold mines with historic production of over 120,000 ounces. To date, the largest gold deposit on the property is the Surluga Deposit.

Historically, more than 87,000 metres have been drilled on the property. At the Surluga Deposit, 252 surface holes totaling 45, 346 metres and 1,339 underground holes totaling 41,753 metres.

While the property has hosted numerous historical gold mines, these were owned by different operators and they were never geologically connected. With a comprehensive examination of the geology, geophysics, geochemistry, alteration mineralogy and structural geology, Red Pine is uncovering new targets.

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